• End Times Prophecy | Gospel Movie “God’s Name Has Changed?!”

    She is Wang Hua, a house church preacher in Southern China. After she began to believe in the Lord, she found from the Bible that God was named Jehovah in the Old Testament while He was named Jesus in the New Testament. “Why does God have different names?” Wang Hua felt extremely puzzled about that. […]

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  • Beautiful Music | Chinese Choir Episode 4 | Power of Words

    1.God Is in Heaven and Also on Earth 2.God Has Indeed Come to the World 3.God Is Incarnated Just to Defeat Satan and Save All Mankind 4.God Perfects People with the Word in the Last Days 5.Who Has Known the God in the Flesh 6.Those Who Enter Into the Final Rest Will Be the Purified […]

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  • New Work | Chinese Choir Episode 3 | Meaning of Life

    1.God Has Appeared in the East of the World with Glory 2.The Significance of the Appearance of God 3.Only Those Who Obey the Work of the Holy Spirit Can Follow to the End 4.The Effect God’s Judgment Can Achieve Eastern Lightning | The Church of Almighty God came into being because of the work of […]

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