• Change of Life | Short Film
    “The Spiritual Transformation”

    She is a public servant. From childhood, she had received the patriotic education and made a resolution to be the people’s good servant when she grew up. However, the cruel reality broke her ideal. To earn a living, she had to go with the flow. She lived in hypocritical socializing all day and began to […]

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  • Finding the True Way | Short Film
    “A Choice Without Regret”

    Her parents divorced when she was at an early age. Growing up in a broken family and depending on others for living, she felt lonely and helpless. Misfortunes coming upon her one after another, which were big blows to her heart, made her feel the cruelty and desolation of the world. She was confused and […]

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  • Short Film “The Best of Youth”

    She is a typical representative of an only child in China, Chinese only children, who was spoiled by her family since childhood. Under the care of her parents and the freak education of caring for place in class and pursuing high scores, she was lazy, selfish, bad-tempered, and without perseverance and ambition, and almost became […]

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