• God’s Word Is the Power of My Life
    Short Film “A Life Growing in Adversity”

    Yang Xiaoxue is a church leader of the Church of Almighty God. She was arrested by the CCP when having a meeting, and underwent interrogations by inhuman tortures, such as being beaten, being handcuffed behind the back, being hung and beaten, being shocked by an electric baton, and so on. She was afflicted until she […]

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  • The Church of Almighty God
    Almighty God’s Word “How Peter Came to Know Jesus”

    Almighty God says, “During his time following Jesus, he had many opinions of Him and always judged Him from his own perspective. Although he had a certain degree of understanding of the Spirit, Peter was not very enlightened, hence his words when he said: ‘I must follow he who is sent by the heavenly Father. […]

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  • Testimony of Faith | Short Film “Eternal Mission”

    In 1996, he had the fortune to accept Almighty God’s end-time work. On March 12th, 2008, he was illegally arrested by the CCP police in a house meeting. In order to force him into selling out the church, the CCP government brutally tortured him. He fainted again and again from the devils’ frenzied affliction which […]

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