Savior | God’s Utterance
“The Sixteenth Piece of Word in God’s Utterance to the Entire Universe”

In my mouth I have so many words to speak to men and have so many things to tell men. However, with so poor receiving ability, men cannot fully understand my words according to my supply, and they only know part, but not the rest. But I do not beat them to death because of their “disability” or feel sorrowful because of their weakness. I am just doing my work, and I am speaking all along, although men do not understand my will. One day, they all will come to know me in the depths of their heart and will long for me in their thought. When I am departed from the earth, it will be the very time when I am enthroned in men’s heart, that is, the time when men all know me. That will just be the time when the sons and the people reign and rule on earth. Those who know me will surely become the pillars in my kingdom, and only those who know me are qualified to reign and rule in my kingdom. All those who know me will have my being and can live me out among all men. No matter to what extent men know me, no one can hinder my work. Men cannot “help” me nor do anything for me, and they can just act with the leading in my light and seek in my light what my will is. Today, men all have the qualification, and they think that they can move swaggeringly before me and talk cheerfully without any restraint, and get along with me side by side. Men still do not know me and think that they are similar to me in nature, both being of blood and flesh and both living in the world. Men have too little fear of me, and they can fear me before me but cannot serve me before the Spirit, as if the Spirit, for their part, simply does not exist, so no one has ever known the Spirit. All men see only the body of blood and flesh in my flesh instead of the Spirit of God. Can they reach my heart’s desire this way? Men are all experts at deceiving me, as if they have been specially trained by satan, and thus specially come to deceive me. But I am immune to satan’s disturbance, and I will still conquer all mankind and defeat the corrupter of all mankind through my wisdom, so that my kingdom can be established on earth.

Among men, some have intended to explore the size of the stars of heaven and the capacity of the space of heaven. However, no one has ever produced a research result about this, and they have only dropped in despair and ended in failure. I look up among all men, and I observe men’s movement in their failure. Not a single man is fully convinced toward me, but all are disobedient and unsubmissive to me. How great men’s ambition is! When it is turbid on the face of the whole deep, I begin to taste the worldly sufferings in the world. My Spirit is touring the world and my Spirit is searching the hearts of all men, yet I am also conquering mankind in the incarnated flesh. Men cannot see me because of their blindness; men do not know me because of their numbness; men resist me because of their disobedience; men come before me and fall prostrate because I have conquered them; men come to love me because I am worthy for them to love; men live me out and manifest me because my great power and my wisdom work them to be after my heart. I have a place in men’s heart, but I have never received the love in their spirit. Actually, in their spirit they all have their most beloved things, among which, however, there is no me. So, all men’s love will, like soap bubbles, thoroughly vanish and burst in the wind, never to appear again. My attitude toward men, however, is consistent and absolutely changeless. As any one among men, who can do this? In men’s eyes, I am untouchable and invisible like the air, so most of them just seek in the boundless sky, or on the tempestuous sea, or on the still lake, or in the midst of the empty letters and doctrines. Among men, not a single one knows mankind’s substance, much less can a single one tell any mystery in me, so I do not require that men come up to the highest standard men think I require of them.

Mountains fall in my word, waters flow back in my word, men become obedient in my word, lakes begin to keep flowing in my word, and the surging seas, though in a towering rage, are as still as a lake in my word. When my hand lightly waves, the violent wind immediately disappears and goes from me, and the world is restored to tranquility at once. However, when I get furious, mountains are immediately torn apart, the earth immediately shakes, waters immediately dry up, and men are immediately swamped all over by disasters. Because of my anger, I do not respond to men’s heartrending cry or give them help because of their shouting for help, for my anger is rising. When I am in heaven, the stars are never in a flutter because of my existence but exert every effort to work for me because of my existence. So, I bestow more light to them to let them give out more luster, so that I can gain more glory. The more it is bright above heaven, the more it is pitch-black under heaven. So many people have complained that I do not know how to arrange, and so many people have gone from me to establish their own kingdom, thereby rebelling against me so as to reverse the condition of darkness. But whose resolution has fulfilled it? Whose resolution has been accomplished? Who can reverse the status quo arranged by my hand? When the earth is covered with spring in the air, I send the light to the world quietly and stealthily. So, men on earth immediately feel that the air is fresh. However, just at the very moment, I veil their eyes, so that they can only see mists spread all over the earth. All men and all things are vague, and men are all just sighing: Why has the light only stayed for a short while? Why does God only give men mists and vagueness? When men are disappointed, the mists presently disappear. But when they just see the shimmer, a downpour drops down from me. With the ear drums pierced by the thunderstorm, all men in the dream are seized with panic and swamped all over by the heavy rain before they can cover themselves. In an instant, all things under heaven are washed clean in my fierce anger. No one still complains about the invasion of the rainstorm, and all have a heart of fearing me. Because of the suddenness of the heavy rain, most people are drowned by the water falling down from heaven, becoming “dead bodies” in the water. I search all around the earth: So many people are being watchful, so many people are repenting, so many people are seeking for the source of the flow in boats, so many people are bowing down to me for my forgiveness, so many people have seen the light, so many people have seen my face, and so many people have had the courage to live. The whole earth looks brand-new. In the condition after the heavy rain, all things have reverted to their original appearances in my heart, no longer to disobey. Soon, all the earth is full of joyful laughter, all the earth is filled with breath of praise, and all the earth is full of my glory. My wisdom is on the whole earth and in the entire universe. Among all things are the fruits of my wisdom; among all men permeate the gems of my wisdom. All is like the things in my kingdom, and all people, like the sheep in my pasture, live under my heaven. I walk above all men, raising my eyes to look: Nothing is of its old appearance, and no one is what he was. I rest on the throne and lie above the entire universe. I am fully satisfied, for all things have recovered their holiness. I can again live in peace in Zion. People on earth can again live and work in peace and contentment under my guidance. All peoples are managing everything in my hand. All peoples have recovered their original intelligence and their original likeness. They are no longer dusty all over but holy as jade in my kingdom. Everyone is in appearance like the holy ones in men’s heart. For my kingdom has been established among men.

March 14, 1992

from The Word Appears in the Flesh

Eastern Lightning | The Church of Almighty God came into being because of the work of the returned Lord Jesus—the end-time Christ, “Almighty God”—in China, and it isn’t established by any person. Christ is the truth, the way, and the life. After reading God’s word, you will see that God has appeared.