Almighty God’s Utterance
“You Should Prepare Enough Good Deeds for the Sake of Your Destination”

Among you I have done many works, and of course, I have also spoken some words. But I always feel that my words and works have not completely achieved the purpose of my working in the end time, because the significance of my working in the end time is not for certain people or a certain person but for revealing my original disposition. However, for various reasons, such as, time is pressing or the work is busy, my disposition has not caused people to have any knowledge of me. So, I step into my new plan and into my final work to open a newer page of my work, so that all those who see me will beat their breasts and punch their backs and wail unceasingly because of my existence. For I have brought the end of mankind to the world. Henceforth, I make all my disposition known to mankind, so that all those who know me and those who do not will “feast their eyes” and see that I have truly come to the world and come to the earth on which all things grow. This is my plan, and is the only “expression” I have made since I created mankind. I wish that you all would pay full attention to my every act and move, because my rod is again approaching mankind, approaching all mankind who are hostile to me.

I start at the same time with the heavens to do the work I want to do. So I walk through the streams of men and move between heaven and earth. No one has perceived my move or paid attention to my words. So my plan is still progressing smoothly. But all your organs are so numb that you do not know the steps of my work at all. However, one day you all will understand what my intention is. Today I live with you and suffer with you, and I have long known what mankind’s attitude toward me is. I do not want to speak more about it, much less want to give more instances of these heartrending things to shame you. I only hope that you will bear in mind all the things you have done, so that we can check the accounts when we meet again. I do not want to frame any one of you, because I always do things in a fair and aboveboard way. And of course, I hope that you can also be openhearted and will not do anything that goes against heaven and earth and your conscience. This is my only requirement for you. Many people feel restless and fearful for the monstrous sins they have committed. Many people feel ashamed of themselves for having never done a good thing. And many people do not feel shameful for their evil, but on the contrary they go even further, completely and thoroughly tearing up their ugly face which is not fully exposed to test my disposition. I do not care about or pay attention to anyone’s acts, but do the things I ought to do, getting some information, strolling about, or doing something I am interested in. At crucial times, I do my work among men according to my original plan, just at the exact time and in a very easy and neat way. However, every time I do a step of work, I will discard some people, because I loathe their flattering manners very much and I loathe their affected servile manners very much. Those whom I am disgusted with will certainly be cast away by me, whether intentionally or unintentionally. In a word, I will make all those I loathe stay away from me. Of course, I will also not let off the wicked ones that are still in my family. As the day I punish man is coming, I am in no hurry to drive all the loathsome devils out of my house, because I have my own plan.

Now is the time I decide each man’s outcome, not the period I started the work of working man. I record in my record book each man’s words and deeds, the course of his following, and his original attribute, or his final performance. Thus, no matter what kind of men they are, they will not be able to escape from my hand and will be after their kinds according to my distribution. I decide a man’s destination not according to how old he is, how senior he is, or how much he has suffered, much less how pitiable he is, but according to whether he has the truth. Besides this, there is no other choice. You all should know that those who do not do God’s will will all be punished. This cannot be changed by anyone. So, all the punished ones are punished because of God’s righteousness and receive their retribution because they themselves have done all kinds of evil. My plan has not changed in the slightest from beginning to end. But in people’s eyes, the ones I speak to are getting fewer and fewer, and the ones who can truly receive my approval are getting fewer and fewer. However, I still say that my plan has never changed. Rather, man’s faith and love have been changing and decreasing, to the extent that everyone may change from currying favor with me to growing cold toward me and then to driving me out of the door. My attitude toward you will only be neither cold nor hot and then detesting and loathing and finally punishing. However, on the day to punish you, I will still see you, but you will not be able to see me again. Because I have felt it boring and dull to live among you, naturally I have chosen another living environment so as to avoid being hurt by your wicked words and remarks and to stay away from your doings that are too filthy to look at, lest you continue to deceive me and treat me perfunctorily. Before I leave you, I still want to advise you not to do things discordant with the truth, but do things pleasing to all, do things beneficial to all, and do things beneficial to your own destinations. Otherwise, the one who suffers in the disasters will not be others but you yourself.

My mercy is expressed on those who love me and deny themselves, while the punishment the wicked ones suffer is just a proof of my righteous disposition and even more a testimony to my wrath. When the disasters befall, all those who resist me will fall into famines and plagues, weeping. Those who have done all kinds of evil and have ever followed me for years will also not be able to escape the responsibility for their sins, and they will also fall into the disasters rare throughout thousands of years, living in constant fear. Those who follow me utterly faithfully, however, will clap their hands for joy and praise my great power, their heart being joyful beyond expression, living in the happiness I have never bestowed to the world. This is because I treasure man’s good deeds and abhor man’s evil deeds. Leading mankind to this day, I have been expecting to gain a group of people who are of one heart and one mind with me. Yet those who are not of one heart and one mind with me I have never forgotten, and I have always hated them in my heart and have just been waiting for the opportunity to repay their evil deeds, so that I can have joy in seeing that. Today my day has finally come, and I no longer need to wait!

I do the final work not only to punish men but also to arrange men’s destinations, and even more to gain all men’s recognition of what I do. I will cause everyone to see that everything I do is right and everything I do is an expression of my disposition, and that it is not man’s doing, much less nature, that created mankind, but it is “I” who have been nourishing every living being among all things. Losing the existence of me, mankind will only perish and will only be harassed by disasters; no one will see the beautiful sun and moon again, no one will see the green world again, and what mankind faces will only be the bleak night and irresistible valley of the shadow of death. I am the only redemption to mankind, the only hope for mankind, and even more the reliance for the existence of all mankind. Losing me, mankind will immediately stop progressing, and losing me, mankind will only suffer overwhelming disasters and the trampling of all kinds of ghosts, though no one cares about me. I have done the works no one can do in my stead, and I only hope that men can repay me with some good deeds. Although few can repay me, I will still end my journey in the world and do the next step of work that I am about to carry out, because my running around for years among men has produced the results, with which I am very satisfied. What I care about is not the number of men but the good deeds of men. In a word, I hope that you will prepare enough good deeds for the sake of your own destinations. Only then will I be satisfied. Otherwise, none of you can possibly escape from the attack of the disasters. The disasters are initiated by me, and of course they are manipulated by me. If you cannot be considered good before me, none of you can escape the suffering from the disasters. Your conduct in the tribulation was not completely proper, because your faith and love were empty and you only showed yourselves timid or strong. I only judge it as very good or not good. What I am concerned about is still the conduct and all the performance of each one of you, by which I will decide your outcomes. However, I still want to state this: To those who were not faithful to me in the least in the tribulation, I will show no more mercy, because my mercy only goes so far. Moreover, I do not like anyone who has ever betrayed me, much less like to associate with a person who sells out the interests of his friends, which is my disposition, no matter who he is. I want to tell you: Anyone who has broken my heart cannot possibly be forgiven by me the second time, and anyone who is faithful to me will remain in my heart forever.

                                                                                                                                  from The Word Appears in the Flesh

Eastern Lightning | The Church of Almighty God came into being because of the work of the returned Lord Jesus—the end-time Christ, “Almighty God”—in China, and it isn’t established by any person. Christ is the truth, the way, and the life. After reading God’s word, you will see that God has appeared.