• The Hymn of Life Experience
    “I Will Let You Dwell in My Heart for All Time”

    I Will Let You Dwell in My Heart for All Time You accompany me through four seasons. Looking at Your lonely face, waves of sorrow well up in my heart. I’ve never soothed Your sadness and never cared for Your loneliness; facing Your earnest words time and again, I’m so stubborn. Always grieve Your heart […]

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  • New Gospel Movie | Know the Judgment in the Last Days “Song of Victory”

    Almighty God’s work of judgment in the last days shakes all denominations and sects. With the kingdom gospel spreading, Almighty God’s word is accepted and proclaimed by more and more people, and the true believers who yearn for God’s appearance have returned before God’s throne successively. In the meantime, the CCP government and religious pastors and […]

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