The Expression of God
“God’s Work, God’s Disposition, and God Himself II”
(Part Three)

God Allowed Satan to Tempt Job for the Purpose of Perfecting Job’s Faith
Although we know from the Bible the origin of the temptation Job underwent, did Job, as the “one concerned,” know about that? Job was only a mortal, and of course, he did not know the story that happened behind him. However, his fear of God and his perfectness and uprightness made him aware that it was God’s trial coming upon him. He did not know what had happened in the spiritual realm or what God’s intention was behind the trial, but he knew that no matter what came upon him, he should hold on to his perfectness and uprightness and hold fast the way of “fearing God and shunning evil.” Job’s attitude and reaction to these things were seen very clearly by God. What did God see? He saw Job’s heart of fearing Him. That is because from the beginning to the end of Job’s undergoing the trial, his heart was always open to God and was laid before God, and he never gave up his perfectness and uprightness or forsook and departed from the way of “fearing God and shunning evil.” That was what God was most gratified with.

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