Almighty God’s Utterance
“The Nineteenth Utterance in God’s Utterance to the Entire Universe”

It is men’s duty to take my word as the foundation of their existence, and they must build up their portion in all parts of my word, or they will bring destruction upon themselves and bring contempt upon themselves. None of men knows me, so they do not barter their life for something with me but just take the junk in their hands wobbling it before me in order to satisfy me. However, I am not content with the status quo, but just keep making requirements of them. I love men’s contribution and hate their demand. Men all have a greedy heart, as if their heart were possessed by devils, and no one can draw his heart out and offer it to me. When I speak, men all listen to my voice attentively; when I stop uttering my voice, they start their own “management” again, simply paying no attention to my word, as if my word were an appendage of their “management.” I am never loose with men, but I am also patient and tolerant with them. So, because of my tolerance, they all overestimate themselves and cannot know and examine themselves, and just deceive me because of my patience. Among men, no one has ever truly cared for me, and no one has truly treasured me as his beloved thing; rather, they just deal with me after a fashion at their leisure. The effort I put on men is already incalculable, and I have done an unprecedented work on them and put some more “burden” upon them, so that they may have some knowledge and transformation through what I have and am. My requirement is not that men only be consumers, but that they be producers that defeat satan. Although I do not require men to do anything, I have my own standard of requirement for them, because I do things with a purpose and on a basis rather than play for fun or willfully create the heavens and the earth and all things, as men imagine. In my doing things, men should see something and gain something. Don’t just waste your “youth,” and don’t consider your life as the clothes on you, leaving them to be covered with dust. You should strongly protect yourself, deriving enjoyment from my riches, so that you, due to me, will not turn to satan and will attack satan. Isn’t my requirement for men just so simple?

When a gleam of shimmer shines faintly in the east, all men in the entire universe, consequently, pay a little attention to the eastern light. They no longer sleep soundly but go to watch the source of the eastern light. Due to men’s limited ability, no one has ever seen the source of the light. When it is bright everywhere in the entire universe, men will all wake up from their sleep, and only then will they know that my day has gradually come to the world. Men are all celebrating. Because of the coming of the light, they are no longer sunk in sleep or in the coma. Under the shining of my light, they are all clear-minded and clear-sighted, suddenly feeling the pleasure of living. In the enveloping mists, I watch the world: All the animals are in rest. Because of the coming of a gleam of shimmer, all the things have awaken to the coming of a new life. So, the animals also climb out of the caves to search for food. Of course, the plants are not an exception. Under the shining of the light, the green leaves are flashing, waiting to offer up their portion when I am on earth. Men all welcome the coming of the light, but again they dread the reaching of the light, fearing that their ugly face could not be covered, because they are all naked with no covering. Therefore, so many people are getting into a real flap because of the reaching of the light and are shocked because of the appearing of the light; so many people, after seeing the light, are very remorseful, feeling hatred for their uncleanness, yet the fact is already irretrievable and they have to wait for me to deal with them; so many people, because of the refining of sufferings in darkness, suddenly realize the meaning of the light is profound at the sight of the light, thus holding the light in their bosom, for fear of losing it again; so many people do not act differently from before because of the sudden appearing of the light, but just keep doing the work in their hands, and as they have lost their sight for years, they do not perceive the coming of the light or derive enjoyment from the light. In men’s heart, I am not lofty, yet I am not low either. To them, I am dispensable. It seems that without me they do not live a lonely life and with me they do not have more joy in their life. Because they do not treasure me, I have given them very few enjoyable things. However, when they have a little more adoration for me, my attitude toward them changes too. So, when they touch this law, they have the good fortune to consecrate themselves and demand the things in my hand. Can it be that men’s love for me is only limited to their own interest? Can it be that men’s faith in me is only limited to the things given by me? Can it be that men cannot truly love me in faith without seeing my light? Can it be that men’s energy is really limited in the condition of today? Can it be that men need courage to love me?

All things are subject in the places where they are because of my existence, and they do not act wildly because there is no discipline from me. So, mountains on the earth serve as boundaries between all nations, waters between the lands serve as barriers between peoples, and air in the space on earth serves as circulating thing among men. Only men cannot truly obey the requirements in my will. So, I say that among all things men are disobedient creatures. They have never truly obeyed me, so I always have them under strict government. If among men there is really my glory spreading all over the entire universe, then I will surely reveal all the glory to them. Because of their filthiness, men are not worthy to see my glory. So, over the thousands of years I have never made myself known to men but remained hidden. For this reason, my glory has never been revealed to men, and men have always been fallen in the abyss of sin. I have ever forgiven men’s unrighteousness, yet they all are unable to keep themselves, but are always naked and exposed to “sin,” letting “sin” damage themselves. Isn’t this men’s not respecting or loving themselves? Among men, is there the true love of men? How many taels does men’s faithfulness weigh? Is men’s so-called genuineness not adulterated with something fake? Isn’t men’s faithfulness mixture? What I want is men’s single love. No one knows me, and although they pursue to know me, they do not commit the true and earnest heart to me. I do not force anything from men. If they give me “faithfulness,” I will readily take it. If they do not trust me and are unwilling to offer anything to me, then I will not feel worry on that account, but I will just dispose of them another way and give them a proper destination. When the thunder roars in the sky, men will be downed by it. When the mountains split, men will be buried under them. When the beasts are hungry, men will be devoured by them. When the seawater rises in swells, men will be swamped by it. When men fight against one another in the world, they will all bring destruction on themselves through the disasters from among men.

The kingdom is expanding among men, taking shape among men, and rising among men. No force can destroy my kingdom. As the people in the kingdom of today, who of you is not one among men? Who is outside man’s state? When my new starting point is made public, what will man’s reaction be? You have seen with your own eyes the condition in the world; do you still not give up the thought of living in the world for long? Now I am walking among all the people and living among all the people. Today blessed are those who have true love for me; blessed are those who obey me, and they will surely remain in my kingdom; blessed are those who know me, and they will surely rule in my kingdom; blessed are those who pursue me, and they will surely escape from the bondage of satan and enjoy the blessings from me; blessed are those who can forsake themselves, and they will surely be occupied by me and inherit the riches in my kingdom. I remember those who run for me. I accept those who spend for me. I give enjoyable things to those who offer to me. I bless those who enjoy my word, and they will surely be the pillars in my kingdom and will surely be incomparably rich in my family and no one can compare with them. Have you ever accepted the blessings for you? Have you ever pursued the promises to you? You will surely break through the suppression of the forces of darkness under the guidance of my light, will surely not lose the guidance of the light in darkness, will surely be the master among all things, will surely be overcomers before satan, and will surely stand among all men and be the proof of my overcoming when the country of the great red dragon collapses. In the land of Sinim you will surely be strong and unwavering, and you will inherit the blessings from me because of the sufferings you undergo and will surely shine forth my glory in the entire universe.

March 19, 1992

from The Word Appears in the Flesh

Eastern Lightning | The Church of Almighty God came into being because of the work of the returned Lord Jesus—the end-time Christ, “Almighty God”—in China, and it isn’t established by any person. Christ is the truth, the way, and the life. After reading God’s word, you will see that God has appeared.