• Warnings of the Last Days From God | “The Days of Noah Have Come” (Christian Short Film)

    This is a true story. Because of refusing to accept Almighty God’s end-time gospel again and again, Qingping Township of Sichuan Province suffered the overwhelming disaster twice, and disappeared from the earth forever. This is God’s warning to the end-time people, and makes people see the bitter fruits and disasters caused by their rejecting the […]

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  • Life Miracle in God | Short Film “Reborn”

    She was a woman badly afflicted with miserable marriages and illness. Because she was unable to have children, her husband abused and abandoned her. In order to survive, make a living, she was forced to marry again. Later, she was diagnosed with cancer. The doctor said that she had only three months to live. When […]

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  • Finding the True Way | Short Film
    “A Choice Without Regret”

    Her parents divorced when she was at an early age. Growing up in a broken family and depending on others for living, she felt lonely and helpless. Misfortunes coming upon her one after another, which were big blows to her heart, made her feel the cruelty and desolation of the world. She was confused and […]

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  • God’s Work Has Made Me Live Out the Likeness of a Man

    He has worked in the construction and decoration industry for fifteen years. As to how such jerry-built buildings as “the leaning building” and “the falling building” were produced, he knows it better than anyone else. In this dark society where if one doesn’t practice the “unspoken rule” of “collusion between officials and businessmen,” he’ll have […]

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  • The Church of Almighty God | Short Film
    “God Does Not Have the Heart to Let Me Fall into Hades”

    Born in a Christian family, he has longed for light and goodness since childhood. Working so hard and striving to be strong, he was promoted from an ordinary policeman to Chief of the Public Security Division of the Municipal Public Security Bureau. However, in this dark and evil society, he was drawn into the abyss […]

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