Christian Crosstalk | “Electronic Eyes All Over the City” | Truth of the CCP Controlling Christians

A surveillance camera whose job it is to monitor and report on Christians, revealing their whereabouts, and a Christian who portrays the antithesis of everything about it, show how Chinese Christians live under CCP surveillance. Electronic Eyes All Over the City uses Allegretto and Huangmei Opera forms to explain the evil methods used by the CCP to surveil Christians through pervasive cameras, as well as their despicable intentions, and reveals the insider’s perspective on the CCP monitoring Christians.

Eastern Lightning ,  The Church of Almighty God  was created because of the appearance and work of  Almighty God , the  second coming  of the  Lord Jesus , Christ of the last days. It is made up of all those who accept Almighty God’s work in the last days and are conquered and saved by His words. It was entirely founded by Almighty God personally and is led by Him as the Shepherd. It was definitely not created by a person. Christ is the truth, the way, and the life. God’s sheep hear God’s voice. As long as you read the words of Almighty God, you will see God has appeared.