God Has Worked Till Now, Why Does Man Not Understand?



The true God works on earth, appears in flesh, that man may know Him, and He may gain their love. Yet people do not see, but stubbornly, they look for miracles to vouch for faith. Oh! How can they not see the will of God? Through the wind and rain, who is it all for? God’s poured out so much love from His kind hand. He’s worked till now, why don’t they understand?


They say they believe, but they seek a vague God. They imagine God’s words to be fulfilled, and they yearn to see a lofty God. Refined by God’s words, they see just a paltry man. Oh! All their seeking ends in vanity. Despite the many ways God speaks and works, blind to His work, how can they be perfected? God’s worked till now, why don’t they understand?


At first you willed to seek with all your heart, and you have paid the price that it might cost. God’s perfection you sought, though naively thought. How shocked that now God’s work won’t satisfy! In a hundred ways your faith’s refined. You’re sorry, you regret, you want to leave. Are God’s words hollow? How could He find rest?


You make demands of God with conceptions, without the least obedience or love. God’s work’s so practical, not what man thinks. Don’t cling to conceptions or demand too much. Quietly God accepts when man oppresses or mocks or ridicules Him horribly. Is God wrong and so can’t satisfy man?


Why did your love for God change over time? Where is that simple openness you had? Did you not say you’d love Him, never leave? Did you not say you’d share all things with Him? Oh! Don’t forget, do not forget God’s love. You ought to understand God’s heart and will. Above all else you should care for His heart. God’s worked till now, why don’t you understand?


If you would love, then you must be sincere. To give up half way means all is in vain. Both true and false, you cheat yourself of years. The many words God speaks are all for you. Oh! How can you bear to grieve God? You said you’d love Him, why now cheat Him so? Hurry to change your life and soothe God’s heart. God’s worked till now, why don’t you understand? God’s worked till now, why don’t you understand?

from Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs

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