Almighty God | Overcomer’s Testimony “God’s Word Created Miracles of Life”

by Yang Li

(from Jiangxi Province, China)

Yang Li is an ordinary peasant woman. The family misfortunes and life pressure had made her depressed, and she had been wearing a frown all day. Almighty God’s coming brought her awhole new life, and she became happy and joyful. However, the persecution and arrest from the CCP government broke her happy life. In order to force her to betray God and sell out the church, the evil cops of the CCP used extremely despicable and cruel means on her, such as hanging her for one day and one night in handcuffs with teeth, washing her with cold water in the severe winter, freezing her day and night by having her wear thin clothes, jabbing her fiercely with electric batons, force-feeding her a drug to make her mad…. She didn’t eat or drink anything for six days and nights and was at death’s door several times…. It was Almighty God’s word with life force that helped her narrowly escape death time and again and created miracles of life….

Almighty God Brought Me a New Life

When I was a child, my mother died. I shouldered the family burdens at a young age. After getting married,I was even more loaded down with the burdens of life. Having fully tasted the hardship and misery of life, I gradually became depressed and silent and fiddled my life away day by day. In 2002, when the brothers and sisters preached Almighty God’s end-time work to me, I accepted it readily and also brought my husband and children before Almighty God. From then on, the brothers and sisters often came to my home to have meetings. We fellowshipped about God’s word and sang hymns and danced to praise God together. I felt great enjoyment in my heart and no longer felt depressed or worried. My children said that I was getting younger and younger and more and more cheerful. My family often read God’s word together. From God’s word, we understood many truths and also knew that God’s eager intention was to save man. To repay God’s love and bring those who had been afflicted by satan like me before God earlier to be saved by God, I went out to preach the gospel. Unexpectedly, I suffered the CCP government’s cruel persecution because of that….

Suddenly Arrested by the Evil Cops, I Fell into the Devil’s Den

It was past 7 p.m. on November 23, 2005. Two sisters and I were having a meeting. Suddenly, there was a violent knocking on the door. Realizing that it might be the police, I hurriedly put the books of God’s word away. As expected, very soon the door was kicked open and five evil cops frantically rushed in and surrounded us. The head of them shouted, “You can’t run away! Search!” Immediately, the whole room was turned upside down. Afterward, they confiscated our handbags and a hymnal, and then handcuffed us and took us to the police station. In face of such a situation, I was very afraid in the heart and cried to God desperately, asking him to keep us. At that time, I remembered a passage of God’s words, “Do you know that all the surrounding circumstances are permitted by me and arranged by me? See this clearly. Satisfy my heart in the circumstances that I have given you. Do not fear this or that. The Almighty God of hosts will surely be with you. He will be your rear guard and shield.” (from The Word Appears in the Flesh) God’s words gave me great faith and strength and removed my timidityand made me have courage in my heart. Yes! All matters and all things are in God’s hand. The evil cops are also controlled and manipulated by God’s hand. With Almighty God as my strong rear guard, I shall fear nothing. I should just learn the lessons I ought to learn in the circumstance which comes upon me and rely on God to stand testimony.

After we arrived at the police station, ten cops of the Municipal Public Security Bureau and the police station interrogated us in pairs by turns. They questioned us about our names, addresses and who the church leader was. Seeing that we didn’t answer, they flew into a rage and handcuffed us and had us sit on the iron torture-racks. Seeing their ferocious look, I was somewhat afraid in my heart. I didn’t know what despicable means they would use on us next and whether I could stand firm. Seeing me silent, they said hypocritically, “It’s so late. Tell us your name and address and let us send you home.” At that time, because of God’s keeping, I was very sober, thinking: This is the evil cops’ scheme. If I tell my name and address, these evil cops will surely go to search my house, and it will bring a very great loss to the church. So no matter how they interrogated me, I kept silent and prayed to God in my heart, asking God to give me the proper words to say. On the second day, they repeated the same questions and I still said nothing. In the evening, a female cop who was seductively dressed came in. She stared at me and asked me ferociously, “What’s your name? Where do you live?” I didn’t respond to her. She said angrily, “You have nothing better to do after eating your fill. Why not go to make money but believe in God?” Then she walked up to me quickly and kicked my feet with her high-heeled leather shoes. As she kicked, she roared, “You believe in a cult. If you don’t confess honestly, I’ll fix you to death.” My feet ached unbearably from the kick and I felt weak in my heart. I didn’t know how they would treat me, so I immediately called to God to keep my heart. After the prayer, I wasn’t so afraid. Because the interrogation was resultless, the evil cops took the three of us to the detention house.

While I Underwent Inhuman Afflictions, God’s Word Became My Guiding Light

That night, it snowed heavily and was particularly cold. The frenzied evil cops forcibly confiscated a bag of our winterclothes, only allowing us to wear thin clothes. We shook with cold all the way. After entering the detention house, we walked into the gloomy and ghastly underground cells. From inside frequently came the sounds of beating and abusing and the prisoners’ screams. I suddenly felt my blood run cold, as if entering hell on earth. We three were pushed into a cell where about twenty prisoners stayed. Stink filled the air in the room. On both sides laid lines of concrete beds. The prisoners were sitting around the long table in the middle and threading the filament. As soon as we came in, one of the evil cops incited the head of the cell, saying, “Welcome the three well!” The head was a drug addict less than thirty years old. Receiving the evil cop’s order, before I knew what was happening, she kicked me down to the ground and kicked me wildly. I writhed and screamed on the ground ceaselessly from the pain. Then, they forcibly stripped off all our clothes and dragged us into the bathroom for a cold shower. With the icy cold water poured on me, I trembled all over with cold and my teeth kept chattering. I felt unbearably painful all over as if being cut by a knife. I soon lost my consciousness…. When I woke up, I found that I was already dragged back to the cell. Seeing me wake up, the head still didn’t slacken her torture on me and punched and kicked me again. She threw me aside after she got tired. At that time the two sisters held me tight in their arms and their tears dripped on my face. Then I was very weak in the heart, thinking: Why doesn’t God let me die? Death will end everything. I don’t know how cruelly the devil will beat and torture me while I’m alive and whether I can pull through…. The more I thought, the more I felt painful. So I kept shedding tears. In agony, God inspired me to remember a hymn of God’s word, “You will surely break through the suppression of the forces of darkness under the guidance of God’s light, will surely not lose the guidance of the light in darkness…. In the land of Sinim you will surely be strong and unwavering, and you will inherit the blessings from God because of the sufferings you undergo, and will surely shine forth God’s glory in the entire universe.” In an instant, a warm feeling flowed into my heart. God’s promise and love moved my heart and made me realize this: Though satan afflicts me like this, as long as I genuinely rely on and look to God, God will surely lead me to break through the suppression of the forces of darkness and see the light. It’s valuable and meaningful for me to undergo such suffering today. It is God’s blessing, is the suffering I must undergo for pursuing the truth and being saved by God, and is also a powerful evidence of God’s defeating satan. Satan attempts to make me deny and betray God by afflicting and tormenting me. Only by keeping my faithfulness to God and undergoing all the sufferings I should undergo to stand testimony for God can I counterattack the devil’s scheme and shame the devil satan, and only this is true love for God. Thinking of that, I deeply repented to God and made a resolution in my heart: Almighty God! For saving us corrupt mankind, you have endured the sufferings unbearable to common people. Today, when your trial came to me and you needed me to bear testimony for you, I chose to escape. When my flesh suffered a little, I became passive and resisted, simply wishing to get released with death. I’m really too cowardly and conscienceless! From now on, no matter what adverse environment comes upon me, I must stand testimony for you. At that time, I had faith and strength to win. I held the sisters’ hands tight, willing to do my best to live and bear testimony for God.

Three weeks later, the evil cops transferred me to the County Public Security Bureau and tortured me cruelly for six days and nights in succession. On the first day, they let me sit on the torture-rack and interrogated me. As I was silent all along, at night they put handcuffs with teeth on me and hung me to the barred window, with my body held in the air and my toes touching the floor. One evil cop said insolently “I’ve got all the patience. I’ll make you beg me and initiatively tell me who your church leader is!” After saying that, he slammed the door and went away. After a while, my wrists began to be stricken by a heart-piercing pain, which made me extremely miserable. At that time, I spontaneously thought of a hymn of God’s word, Have you ever accepted the blessings for you? Have you ever pursued the promises to you? You will surely break through the suppression of the forces of darkness under the guidance of God’s light, will surely not lose the guidance of the light in darkness, will surely be the master among all things, will surely be overcomers before satan, and will surely stand among all men and be the proof of God’s overcoming when the country of the great red dragon collapses. In the land of Sinim you will surely be strong and unwavering, and you will inherit the blessings from God because of the sufferings you undergo, and will surely shine forth God’s glory in the entire universe.I sang in tears repeatedly. The more I sang, the more strength I had. I felt that God’s word, with strong life force, was strengthening my heart, so that I firmly believed that Almighty God would surely lead me to break through the suppression of the forces of darkness and help me overcome the cruel tortures and stand testimony. Under the encouragement of God’s words, I didn’t feel so much pain in my flesh but felt closer and nearer to God at that moment, feeling that God was accompanying me by my side. My heart moved by God’s words, I was firmly resolved to stand testimony and satisfy God and never yield to satan!

On the fifth day, my hands were congested and numb due to the handcuffs and became badly swollen. I felt as if my whole body fell apart and countless insects were biting my internal organs. The painful feeling was beyond description. I kept praying in my heart, asking God to give me strength and help me overcome the weakness of my flesh. As the seconds ticked by, it was getting dark. I was thirsty and hungry and shivered all over with cold and had no strength at all, feeling that I could hardly hold on and that if this went on, I would surely be thirsty or starved to death. At that time, I came to understand the meaning of the words the evil cop said before he left, “I’ll make you beg me.” Actually, he attempts to use such contemptible means to force me to betray God. I can’t fall into his trap and I should rely on God. So, I called out to God time and again, “Almighty God! May you give me strength, so that I can rely on you and overcome satan’s cruel torture. Even if I have to die, I’ll never betray you and be a Judas.” Then, God’s words inspired me,Man’s life originates from God, the heaven comes into existence because of God, and the earth exists by the power of God’s life. Anything with vitality cannot go beyond God’s sovereignty, and anything with vigor cannot escape out of the scope of God’s authority.” (from The Word Appears in the Flesh)God’s words with authority gave me faith and strength. Yes! My life comes from God. As long as God doesn’t take back my breath, I won’t die no matter how satan tortures me and keeps me from eating and drinking. My life is in the control of God’s hand. What shall I fear? At that time, I felt disgraced and ashamed for my small faith and little knowledge of God. At the same time, I understood this: Today God wants to work the truth “Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God” (Matthew 4:4) into me through this hard environment. So I prayed to God silently, “Almighty God who rules over everything! My life is in your hand. I’m willing to obey your manipulation and arrangement. No matter whether I die or live, I’ll submit to your manipulation!” After the prayer, I felt that I had strength in my body and didn’t feel so thirsty or hungry. Not until 8 p.m. did the evil cop open the door and come in. He seized me by the chin and said with an insidious smile, “Well? Feeling good? Wanna beg me and tell me? If you don’t confess, I have a great many ways to deal with you!” I closed my eyes and gave no response to him. The evil cop became exasperated. As he abused me with dirty words, he grabbed me by the collar and slapped me fiercely right and left. Immediately, my face became swollen and I felt burning pain. The evil cop’s cruelty made me see clearly his devilish substance and hate him more bitterly. Meanwhile, it stirred up my resolution that I won’t yield to satan’s despotic power and will firmly stand testimony to satisfy God. Then, I didn’t care about the pain of my body and glared at the evil cop indignantly, saying in my heart, “You want to force me to betray God. No way!” He didn’t stop until he got tired.

At the Moment When My Life Was at Stake, I Felt the Transcendence and Greatness of God’s Life Power

After I had been detained in the detention house for twenty-one days, the evil cops took me to the County Public Security Bureau. As soon as I entered the interrogation room, various torture devices came into my view: A row of big and small batons were hung on the wall. Against the wall there were leather sticks, leather whips, and a torture-rack…. Several evil cops were beating up a male prisoner over twenty years old with electric batons and leather whips. The man was beaten to a pulp, bloody and broken, without any likeness of a normal man. At that time, a female cop walked in. Without a word, she kicked me hard several times. And then she seized my hair and banged my head against the wall. I became senseless from banging and my head hurt sharply as if it would burst open. While beating me, she said venomously, “If you still don’t confess honestly today, I’ll let you ‘go to the Western Paradise’!” Two male cops echoed her words and threatened, “We’ve transferred some men from different police stations. We have plenty of time to interrogate you, for one month, two months … until you speak up.” After I heard those words of the evil cops and thought of the cruel means by which those beasts treated me before and the scene of the male prisoner’s being cruelly tortured just now, my heart couldn’t help beating faster and I felt myself overtaken by waves of horror. I could only pray to God urgently in the heart. At that time, God’s words led me, When man gives up his life completely, nothing is difficult. No one can daunt him. Is there anything more important than ‘life’? In that case, satan cannot possibly do anything on man and has no way to do with man. Although the definition of ‘flesh’ says that it is corrupted by satan, if man can really hand over himself, not driven by satan, then no one can daunt him. At that moment, the flesh will perform another function, beginning to be formally directed by God’s Spirit. …” (from The Word Appears in the Flesh) God’s words showed me the way of practice within. Yes! Satan’s scheme is to grasp my weak point of fearing death and make me betray God. Isn’t my life in God’s hand? Why should I fear satan? Now it’s the time for me to bear testimony for God. Only if I give up my life completely without being restrained by death can I break away from satan’s threat and stand testimony for God. Thinking of that, I was no longer restrained by death and decided to give up my life completely for satisfying God. Seeing that I wasn’t afraid, the evil cops roared exasperatedly, “If I don’t teach you a lesson, you’ll think that we can do nothing to you!” After that, they again hung my hands to the barred window high in handcuffs with teeth. Then they swung the electric batons and jabbed me. Instantly the strong electric current swept through my body. My whole body trembled and twitched unceasingly. The more I struggled, the tighter the handcuffs became. My hands hurt so badly as if they were breaking and I felt a heart-piercing pain all over. The two male cops held the electric batons and took turns torturing me. The electric batons kept sputtering. Shocked by the electric batons, my whole body cramped and trembled and slowly became numb. My mind gradually became unclear and finally I fainted…. I didn’t know how long had passed when the cold woke me up. The gang of evil cops clearly knew that I was thinly-dressed, but they intentionally opened the windows to freeze me. The cold wind kept blowing in from the windows. My body got somewhat stiff and my mind began to be unclear again, but I was clear in my heart: I can’t break down. Even if I have to die, I must stand testimony for God! Then, I thought of the scene that the Lord Jesus was crucified for saving mankind: The Lord Jesus was lashed to a bloody pulp, and then he was nailed onto the cross, accomplishing the work of redeeming all mankind. God can lay down his life for saving man. Why can’t I repay God with a bit of love? My heart was encouraged by God’s love, so I prayed to God, “O God! My breath is given by you. If you take it away, I’m willing to obey. If I can die for you, I’ll be very proud!” At that time, my mind gradually became clear. Recalling the scenes of Peter, Stephen, and other apostles being martyred for the Lord, I couldn’t help singing a familiar hymn of life experience in a low voice, “The approaching of darkness and the arriving of God’s day are ruled and arranged by God. How can I withdraw, how can I escape, and what am I created for? It is natural and right that I dedicate myself and sacrifice my life for God. By this I comfort God’s heart. My heart feels assured and infinitely satisfied for the honor to repay God. With the last suffering, I end my flesh to satisfy God’s heart. The bitter cup God gives, how can I not drink? I should fight bravely on the battlefield. Dawn is about to break. I will drop the future, disregard gain or loss, and seek only to satisfy God. It’s not a pity or unusual to die. God’s will is above all things. God has granted me countless grace, but I cannot repay one ten thousandth of it. How can I feel peaceful in my heart! Now I would rather die to put satan to shame. The work will have been done. With this as a token of my feelings, I repay God’s love and I praise God in my heart. God saves me and then hands me to satan. There is his good purpose in it. My heart will love my God forever.” The more I sang, the more I was moved and encouraged. Tears choked my voice and I felt that God was listening to me by my side. My heart was warm and I knew that God had been supporting me with his mighty hands, so that I was no longer afraid of the bitter cold and didn’t fear death any more.

The next morning, one evil cop saw me and rampantly threatened me, “You weren’t frozen to death last night; you’re lucky. If you don’t tell today, I’ll let your God fail to save you!” After hearing that, I contemptuously smiled in my heart, thinking: God created the heavens and the earth and all things and rules over everything. He is mighty and full of authority. He spoke and it came to be; he commanded and it stood firm. Isn’t it too easy a thing for him to save me? Today God only makes use of you the devil to do service. Then, the evil cop took an electric baton to jab me again. The powerful electric current passed through my body in an instant and the piercing pain made me struggle and scream involuntarily. But he laughed wildly, “Cry! Ask your God to come save you! If you ask me for help, I promise to let you off!” When I heard his audacious words, my heart was full of anger and hatred. Then, I prayed to God silently, “God! Satan the devil is so rampant that it slanders and blasphemes you. It’s your irreconcilable enemy and even more my enemy. No matter how satan tortures me, I’ll never betray you. I only hope that my heart can be gained by you. The devil can only wreck my flesh but can’t destroy my will to satisfy you. May you give me strength!” The frenzied evil cop jabbed me with the electric baton unceasingly. When one baton ran out of electricity, he would use another one to jab me. I didn’t know how many batons he had used. I felt that my life had come to an end and I had no hope of survival. I was so weak and depressed in my heart and could only call to God desperately, asking him to keep and save me. At that time, Almighty God’s words resounded in my ears, “God’s life force can vanquish all power and even more surpass all power. His life is perpetual, and his power is transcendent. No created being and no hostile force can overpower his life force. At any moment and in any place his life force exists and shines with brilliant radiance. Heaven and earth may change tremendously, but God’s life will never change; all things may pass away, but God’s life will still exist. This is because God is the origin of the existence of all things and the foundation for the existence of all things.” (from The Word Appears in the Flesh) God’s words gave me infinite strength and made me, who was in weakness, have great faith immediately. Right! Isn’t the One I believe in the unique Almighty God? God’s life is perpetual and transcendent. God’s life power can surpass everything and even more vanquish everything. All things are established and accomplished because of the word of God. Man’s everything and man’s life and death are decided by God. My life is even more in the control of God’s hand. How can satan control my life and death? At that time, Lazarus’s body was buried in the tomb and even smelled. The Lord Jesus said one word, “Lazarus, come out!” Then, Lazarus came out alive from the tomb. God’s word is with authority and power. God created the world with the word and guides the age with the word. Today, God even more saves and perfects me with the word. I can’t view things according to my own imagination and notions anymore. I should live by God’s word. Today, if God doesn’t permit me to die, satan can’t do anything to me. If God needs me to bear a testimony of death, as long as God can be glorified, I’ll be willing to die. When I lived by God’s word and disregarded my own life, a miracle happened: No matter how the evil cops shocked my body, I didn’t feel so painful or uncomfortable and my mind became especially clear. I was very clear that this was God’s care and keeping for me and it was God’s mighty hands that were supporting me. I truly experienced the great power of God’s word and felt the transcendence and greatness of God’s life power. God’s word is the truth and the reality of life. His life force can’t be overpowered by any force of darkness. Although the evil cops afflicted and tormented me by every possible means, taking turns using cruel tortures on me, I could still pull through it. That wasn’t because of my ability but completely because of God’s great power and authority. Without the faith and strength that God’s word gave me, I would have long collapsed. I deeply felt that when I was weakest in the flesh and most painful in the heart, God accompanied me by my side the whole time, supporting me with his powerful word of life and keeping me at all times, so that I had more faith within and my will was even firmer.

That night, the evil cops used another means to torture me. They handcuffed me to the window to freeze me and took turns watching me, not allowing me to sleep. Whenever I closed my eyes, they would slap me. I, who hadn’t eaten or drunk or and drunk anything for two days, had no strength all over. My eyes were so swollen that I could hardly open them. I couldn’t help having a bitter feeling inside, not knowing when such torture would end. The piercing wind kept blowing on me, which made me shiver with cold. The evil cops, in knee-length cotton coats, sat on the chairs with their legs crossed, looking at me and waiting for me to surrender at any time. Then, I seemed to see the scene of evil demons in Hades afflicting man. I couldn’t help seething with anger: Man was created by God. It is right and proper for man to worship God. But satan is so contemptible and shameless and it doesn’t allow man to worship the true God. In order to build a “region without God” on earth and achieve its evil purpose of controlling man forever and having man follow and worship it, it exerts all its efforts to resist and disturb and damage God’s work and uses all kinds of base means to cruelly persecute the believers who follow Almighty God. This old devil is really guilty of the most heinous crime and deserves to be cursed! At that time, I spontaneously thought of a hymn of God’s word, “The filthy land of thousands of years is so sordid that one cannot bear to see, and miserable states are all over the land. How could people in this fortress of demons have ever seen God? How could they have enjoyed God’s loveliness? How could this not cause people’s unending rage? The hatred of the ages is kept in heart; the evil of all ages is borne in heart. How could this not cause people’s hatred? Avenge God, and exterminate God’s enemy thoroughly. People have long readied all their strength to consecrate all the painstaking effort, causing those who are blinded and suffer hardships and afflictions to rise up from the miseries; people have long readied all their strength to consecrate all the painstaking effort, causing those who are blinded and suffer hardships and afflictions to rebel against this old devil!” I sang the song within repeatedly. With my heart afire and with anger accumulated inwardly, I had the resolution to rebel against this old satan to the death. I shouted loudly in my heart: Demon! Don’t expect me to betray God and forsake the true way! I knew clearly in my heart that it was God who gave me strength and it was Almighty God’s word that made me strong in spirit.

In the Devil’s Dark Den, God’s Loving Hand Led Me to Escape Death

In the two days that followed, the evil cops kept a closer watch on me. They closely stared at me in shifts. Whenever I closed my eyes, they would wake me up by beating me with a rolled-up magazine. I was clear in my heart that they wanted to destroy my will and pry the information about the church out of me when I was barely conscious. At that time, my body was already extremely weak and I began to fall into a trance. The mixed feelings of cold and hunger and unbearable sleepiness caused me to feel overwhelmingly miserable. I felt I could hardly hold on. I was very afraid in my heart, fearing that I would betray God in spite of myself for being unable to endure the pain. Then I thought of death, thinking that if I died, I couldn’t sell out the church or betray God. So, I prayed to God in my heart, “God! I feel I’m not going to make it. I’m afraid that I might betray you because of being unable to hold on. God! Please let me die and let me bear a testimony of death for you.” Later, my mind became unclear gradually. In a daze, I felt that my body became light, as if it were blown dry by the cold wind, and that the handcuffs also became loose. I couldn’t tell if I was dead or alive. Until the early morning of the sixth day when an evil cop woke me up with a slap, I saw that I was still alive and handcuffed. The evil cop roared at me angrily, “You’ve really landed us in trouble. So many of us have been accompanying you to play and haven’t have a good night’s sleep. If you still don’t speak, I’ll make you unable to speak forever!” Because I only wished to die, I fearlessly talked back to him, “Kill me or hack me, just do it quickly!” However, the evil cop said with a sneer, “Wanna die? Stop dreaming! If so, I’ll be too soft on you! I’ll torment you slowly and let you go insane. So everyone will know that if people believe in Almighty God, they will become mad. Then, all people will reject your God!” Hearing the devilish words, I felt as if I were struck by thunderbolts and was stunned in spite of myself: The devil is too sinister and malicious! Soon after, the evil cop asked someone to bring a bowl of black liquid. At that time, my heart almost leapt into my throat and I called to God urgently, “Almighty God! Now the evil cops will force-feed me the drug to afflict me and make me mad. May you keep me! I’d rather be poisoned to death than be made mad.” At that time, Almighty God’s words appeared in my heart,His deeds are everywhere, his power is everywhere, his wisdom is everywhere, and his authority is everywhere. … All things are existing in his eyes and even more living under his sovereignty. His deeds and his power cause mankind to have to acknowledge his real existence and have to acknowledge the fact that he rules over all things. Except for him, there is nothing that can govern this universe, much less is there anything that can endlessly supply this mankind like this. (from The Word Appears in the Flesh) God’s words gave me faith and strength again. I understood this: God’s authority is everywhere and God’s power is everywhere. God governs the whole universe and even more rules over the living and multiplying of all things and living beings in the universe. God is forever the One who rules over everything. Moreover, God’s power that governs and rules over everything exceeds man’s thinking and imagination. The life that God bestows to man won’t be limited by geography or space. Satan the devil can only afflict man’s flesh, but it can never control man’s life and soul. For example, when Job was tried, satan could only maltreat Job and afflict his flesh, but as God didn’t permit it to harm his life, it couldn’t do it in the least. Today, satan the devil wants to damage my flesh with malicious schemes and tricks so as to make me betray and reject God; it attempts to make me become a madwoman or a fool with drug so as to shame God’s name. How can this be decided by it? Without God’s permission, it can do nothing. Satan is doomed to be a loser in God’s hand! When I thought of this, I felt very calm and secure in my heart. At that time, the frenzied evil cops held my jaw and forcibly poured the bowl of bitter and sour drug in. After a short time, the drug took effect. I felt that my internal organs ached badly, as if they were pressing and tearing each other, which was terribly uncomfortable. I began to have difficulty in breathing, gasping for air. My eyes were unable to roll and I saw things double before my eyes. After that, I lost consciousness. I didn’t know how long had passed when I faintly heard someone say, “This bitch will surely become mad or stupid after drinking the drug.” Hearing the word, I knew that I survived again. To my surprise, I didn’t go insane, but instead my mind was very clear. This was really God’s almightiness and wonderfulness! I felt that this was the result Almighty God’s word achieved on me. Almighty God took me back from the devil’s hand with his mighty hand once again, saving me from the dangerous situation! At that time, I truly experienced that God’s word is real and believable, saw Almighty God’s supreme authority and power, and even more saw that God is the unique God Godself who created all things and rules over everything. My life and my everything, including my every nerve, are in the control of God’s hand. Without God’s permission, I won’t lose a single hair. God is my ever-present reliance and salvation. Today, in the dark den of the devil, Almighty God’s word reveals its power, letting me see that God created miracles of life time and again and helped me escape death. I sincerely extolled and praised Almighty God in my heart and decided to firmly rely on God and stand testimony in this decisive war of life and death.

The evil cops tortured me for six days and nights. Because I ate and drank nothing during that period, I collapsed. They saw that I was dying, so they locked me up in the cell. Cruelly tortured for six days, I felt as if I made a trip to hell, yet I could survive, and this was completely because of God’s mercy and keeping for me and was the manifestation of the power and authority of God’s word. A few days later, the evil cops came to interrogate me again. As I had seen God’s wonderful deeds many times and experienced that God is my rear guard and that everything is in God’s hand, I was calm and fearless when I faced the interrogation again. In the interrogation room, I learned from the evil cops that they had found out my name and address and searched my house. However, because my husband had already left home with our children, they got nothing. They again forced me to tell things about the church. Seeing that I still didn’t speak, they said exasperatedly, “You’re a leader! You’re tough enough! You made us sleep badly for six days and nights, but we got nothing.” Later, failing to get any results, the evil cops were in no mood to interrogate me, just doing it perfunctorily. Finally they couldn’t but take me back to the cell. Seeing that God already overcame and satan failed thoroughly, I had unspeakable excitement and thanks and praises in my heart. I knew that for me to be able to stand testimony before satan was completely because God led me step by step, and God’s word inspired me and gave me strength and wisdom time after time, so that I could overcome satan and didn’t yield to its despotic power.

The Afflictions of Reviving from Death Created Miracles of Life

After I had been detained for four months in the detention house, the CCP government imposed on me the charge of “believing in a cult” and sentenced me to one and a half years of imprisonment. In March 2006, I was taken to a women’s prison to serve my sentence. In prison, although I lived a life worse than that of pigs and dogs and often saw that some prisoners were beaten to death for no reason at all, under the care and keeping of God and the leading of God’s word, I walked out of Hades and hell alive after suffering the inhuman torment for one and a half years. After I got out of prison, the evil cops still had someone monitor me constantly and often came to my house to harass me, so that my family couldn’t believe in God and perform duty normally. Later, under the care and help of the brothers and sisters in the church, my whole family moved into a sister’s new house and performed duty again by the wisdom God gave us.

After undergoing the CCP government’s cruel persecution, I saw clearly satan’s devilish substance of being ferocious and brutal, sinister and diabolic and frenziedly resisting God and experienced the transcendence and greatness of God’s life power. Although the evil cops fiercely beat me and cruelly tortured me time and again, attempting to put me to death, Almighty God’s word revealed its transcendent life force and enabled me to survive miraculously. God is the source of my life; God’s grace and supply is the foundation for my life to continue. Without God’s mighty hands supporting me, I would have long been devoured by the devil. In the persecution and tribulation, I truly experienced that it was God who accompanied me all the way. Although I suffered the devil’s inhuman affliction and underwent all sufferings in my flesh, it was very beneficial to my life. This made me see that God can not only be the supply of man’s life, but also be man’s ever-present help and reliance and that as long as man lives by God’s word, he can overcome any dark force of satan. God’s word is indeed the truth, the way, and the life, with supreme authority and power, and can create miracles of lifeMay all the glory and praises be to the almighty and wise God!


Eastern Lightning | The Church of Almighty God came into being because of the work of the returned Lord Jesus—the end-time Christ, “Almighty God”—in China, and it isn’t established by any person. Christ is the truth, the way, and the life. After reading God’s word, you will see that God has appeared.









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